Dödsskjutning över middag härom kvällen mellan två kompisar. Jag hörde om detta via skvaller av en kompis som jobbar i närheten. Förutom denna insident så tycker jag Bangkok blivit betydligt otrevligare det senaste 6-8 månaderna. Ska ge några exempel snart.

Yesterday, a 33-year-old Channel 3 actor admitted to Thonglor police that he had shot his 44-year-old friend at a parking lot.

Porameth Singhpho, or “Phee,” brought a Glock 9mm pistol with him to the police station. Phee, who has starred in four of Channel 3’s soap operas during the past few years, confessed to having accidentally shot his friend Nopphadol Athibuy, or “Ae”, in the head.

The incident occurred when Ae, an owner of famed club, tried to help Phee reconcile a fight with his girlfriend.

During Phee’s confession, Ae was still breathing in an operating room at Camillian Hospital, where he was taken after the incident. Phee was charged with attempted murder, possession of a firearm and unlawful shooting of a firearm. He was granted bail at THB200,000. He will be called in later to hear a charge of murder.

Police said that on the night of the shooting, Phee, Ae and Phee’s girlfriend dined out at a restaurant. At the restaurant, Phee got into a fight with his girlfriend. Ae tried to play the role of mediator, but Phee threatened him at gunpoint and told him to mind his own business.

The men engaged in a brawl, during which Phee’s pistol discharged, mortally wounding his friend.

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